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The founding documents of computer science are documents that prove that there is no finite mechanism for deciding if a program can even be written.” - Uncle Bob 21 Jun 2018

Objects are not data containers. They are containers of behaviors that operate on data that cannot be directly seen from the outside. What’s more, that data need not be within the object in any physical sense” - Uncle Bob 18 Mar 2018

AI does not currently exist. I have my doubts that buss oriented Turing processors interconnected by a sparse relaying network can ever achieve anything moderately close to AI. To date, AI is little more than a buzz word.” - Uncle Bob 26 Feb 2019

It happens to me, quite regularly, that I will make a test pass and then look at the passing code in disbelief that I could write something so horrible. Thank goodness for refactoring! A few moments of refactoring hides a multitude of sins.” - Uncle Bob 11 Mar 2019

The three top priorities of a pilot: Aviate, Nagivate, Communicate. In that order. The three top priorities of a programmer: Make it work. Make it right. Make it expressive. In that order.” - Uncle Bob 1 Mar 2019

One of the dangers of TDD is that it vastly increases confidence. Over-confidence can lead to insufficient refactoring and attention to principles and patterns. You confidently make a mess.” - Uncle Bob 22 Jan 2019

Functional, OO, and Structured are not mutually exclusive. It’s not one or the other. They are complimentary and compatible. You can do them all at the same time.” - Uncle Bob 11 Jan 2019


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